Month: June 2015


Cloning human beings has been illegal to this day. That makes it safe to say that everybody has a mother and a father. A biological mother and a biological father, to be more precise, because the difference is quite important. My grandmother had a tile in her hallway with this saying printed on it. “Becoming a father is favour, being… Read more →


A short one. I was sitting at a table at an ice cream shop in Kleve, Germany. A couple of girls were playing and climbing a bronze statue next to where I was sitting. I was watching them, until it occurred to me that I skipped the first 42 years of my life. My memories of those first 42 years… Read more →


A decent lady. Perhaps a bit tall, definitely hard to overlook. You’d almost say ‘nothing special’ but that would do her no justice. She was neatly dressed, with a skirt just above the knee, heeled boots. She didn’t wear a lot of make up, though it showed that it had been a long day and she needed a touch up.… Read more →


So, I couldn’t resist and made #MyVanityFairCover as well. Sorry. The UK version of The Huffington Post put it in third place, right after Jenner’s original and Crystal Frasier’s cover. Which is kind of cool.   Huffington Post #MyVanityFairCover (LINK)   Read more →