Charlotte was about to turn 6 years old when she discovered this song by Within Temptation. I was going through a difficult time, I had just admitted that my feelings towards T related stuff wouldn’t go away and I was working hard to avoid the divorce that turned out to be inevitable after two years anyway.

I haven’t got a clue how she found it, it was on my ipod together with 10,000 other songs. I had never heard it before.

In times of emotional weakness, this is a very dangerous song. Just thinking of the song could make you burst into tears in broad daylight. By far the best remedy is to listen to it a couple of times. 30 or 40 times will do.

For reasons unknown to me, the last line of the song got stuck in my head this morning. ‘Cause my child, this is not our farewell. I don’t believe she already foresaw what happened this year, but it broke my heart nevertheless. Fact is that, although it’s just temporary, We had no time to say goodbye, as the lyrics say.

It’s quite unusual for me to write blog posts while I’m supposed to be at work. I was waiting for a job on a remote system to complete and suddenly my face was wet with tears.

I didn’t want to bother my colleagues with the same song 40 times.

We’ll be OK in the end. For sure.

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