This gem I found on Facebook, shared by a friend. He commented with something like ‘So true’.

It’s a photo of Bruce Jenner, with a rant about what it is like to be a woman. I couldn’t help but to respond on my friend’s timeline:

Sorry, no. The only thing I’ll never experience is my monthly period. Which also means I’ll never be able to carry a child. And that hurts, a lot.
For the rest: been there done that.
There has been a lot of debate in a zillion transgender communities about whether Caitlyn Jenner does us good or bad. Most of us don’t have the money for all that plastic surgery. Heck, some don’t even have the money to buy decent make up. People still lose their jobs because they’re honest about themselves. Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t have to worry about that. On the other hand, she came out in front of the whole world, for which she gets this kind of rants (and there’s a lot of them, and a lot worse than this one) as a bonus.
How many celebs do you reckon have the chance of having their car break down in the wrong neighborhood, all alone? I don’t think there’s a lot of them. According to what is being said here, most female born celebs don’t qualify for ‘woman’ either.
Lastly, Gender Dysphoria is not a mental health issue. Just like your sex is hard wired to your body, your gender identity is hard wired in your brain. If I could fix the latter, I would. But changing brains kind of kills you. So I decided to show who I really am on the inside to fix it. And whether or not I’ll be fixing my body, well that’s something closely related to what society demands what a woman should look like. Some people think it’s their business what’s in their panties, not society’s. They are mostly right, based on the fact that if anyone shows to society what’s in there, chances of being arrested are quite big.

I am. Just like everyone else. And I am me.

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